VIP Bookings and Tickets


VIP Tickets

Do you want to attend a private party with celebrities, book a private jet, enjoy a premium-class vacation? Luxury Key Club is able to offer you everything mentioned and a lot more. Booking tickets, hotels, organizing interesting leisure activities full of luxury and abundance: the list of services provided by the company may go on and on.

VIP Ticket: Reality or Myth?

LKC Concierge is a rapidly growing company providing a high-level concierge service to VIP clients. The company is one of the most popular ones in the KUWAIT. The organization has been operating since 2006, providing clients with a personal assistant to ensure a comfortable stay. Concierges book flights, notify the airline about the client’s wishes, trying to make his flight most comfortable and of highest quality.

Concierge’s responsibilities, among other things, include:

  • Organizing meeting and greeting for a client arriving in the Kuwait;
  • Choosing excursion tours;
  • Monitoring prices for tickets to the Emirates;
  • Working with documents and contracts;
  • Selecting and booking villas, hotel rooms with a beautiful view;
  • Making appointments in a beauty salon, spa center, etc.

Event Ticket from Luxury Key Club

Do you want to visit a private party or a fashion show from a legendary couturier and gain a lot of unforgettable emotions? LKC Concierge will help you do this. There is nothing impossible for the company’s employees (within the framework of the current legislation of the KUWAIT). The personal assistants of the company are able to find and buy tickets to various open and closed events in Kuwait:

  • Fashion shows;
  • Sports matches;
  • Closed exhibitions;
  • Parties with celebrities;
  • Master classes;
  • Events, etc.

A personal assistant accompanies the client around the clock, performing the tasks delegated to him by the customer.

Luxury Key Club Core Values

Our luxury specialists work to serve all kinds of upscale requirements and privileges helping you identify your rare passions and are available 365/24/7 to fulfil your demands. This ultimately gives you access to the world of supreme luxury whilst saving you valuable time in the process.”

Access 24/7

Access to event planners and hospitality experts 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


10,000 industry connections giving you access to the rare, glamourous & exotic.

No Annual Fee

No annual fees, or annual contracts. Only guaranteed excellence.