Limo Service


A limousine service is a convenient and luxurious alternative to traditional taxi services. Ordering taxis can often be a stressful and inconvenient process. This is especially the case for clients who have luggage or a large group of guests. Clients who prefer to travel in style and with all the associated advantages that limo hire provides can ensure a first-class, efficient and professional service from LKC Concierge.
In Kuwait and across much of the KUWAIT, limo services are in high demand. Clients with lavish lifestyles demand the utmost in professionalism and comfort when traveling around the city. Unlike taxis, limo services include luxury cars and highly personalized service. Nothing makes a first impression quite like arriving in our luxury, high-end vehicles.

What is included in a limo service?

There are many advantages to limo services. Besides our on-time pickups and tailored chauffeuring around the city, clients can relax in comfort while heading to their destination. Qualified, professional drivers who know the most convenient and safest routes to travel are on call 24/7, either for general transport, airport pickups, or parties.
Limo services include “meet and greet” at a pre-arranged pickup point, flexible packages or a pre-arranged fee, and a courteous, professional driver. We cater to the individual needs of each client and can visit multiple locations, wait until required, or arrange a collection at any destination in Kuwait.

What cars do we use?

To give our clients the ultimate in style and comfort, we only use high-end, luxury vehicles. Typical examples of the cars we use include Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac, and more. All the vehicles are maintained on a regular basis and pass strict safety tests. Our drivers are fully qualified, friendly, and knowledgeable. Whether for business or for personal use, limos make a great first impression of wealth and success.

Is it possible to order a limo service to the airport?

With LKC Concierge, everything is possible. We exist to make our loyal clients’ lives easier and more enjoyable. Our limo service in Kuwait is just one aspect of this all-encompassing service. As such, it is certainly possible to order a limo service to and from Kuwait airport. In fact, many of our clients get airport limo transfers on a regular basis.

When do you need a limo service?

A limo service can be used for all types of occasions. There does not have to be a particular reason to use a limousine. But common reasons include for business use, weddings and parties, sightseeing, or luxury and high-comfort airport transfers. Larger vehicles can be used to ferry groups to and from events, such as product launches, conferences, or parties. Many clients use limos to see all the nightlife that Kuwait has to offer. However, smaller vehicles can also be used for business and individual use.

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