Hotels Reservation


Attracting thousands and thousands of tourists every year, Kuwait is the pearl of the Kuwait. When deciding to come and spend your holiday in this city, you should book a hotel in Kuwait in advance to make sure you’ll be enjoying a comfortable stay and have unforgettable emotions.

How to book luxury hotels

Booking hotels in Kuwait is a complex, lengthy process and it’s definitely something you should delegate to a concierge from LKC Concierge to save you time and efforts. He will be able to select a chic hotel ideally matching your requirements and budget.

Personal Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Tracking the increases and decreases in price for accommodation in hotel resorts;
  • Analysis of the level of service provided;
  • Hotel safety assessment for the client;
  • Monitoring compliance with all criteria and parameters specified by customers;
  • Booking rooms with an incredible view which are usually not available.

Booking Hotels in Kuwait from LKC Concierge

Booking any room in any hotel is something we at the Luxury Key Club Company are able to do. We offer VIP clients high-quality concierge services, which involves providing our client with a personal assistant who will accompany the client around the clock during their stay.

The company guarantees confidentiality, so the assistant will have an open and trusting relationship with the client. The assistant, among other things:

  • works with documents and contracts;
  • makes appointments;
  • performs the assignments defined by the customer.

The assistant can make an appointment with a beauty salon or develop an optimal travel route, for example.

There are no tasks impossible for our employees! It is enough for our client to wish and their holiday will be full of luxury, entertainment, comfort, high level of service and memorable emotions.

Luxury Key Club Core Values

Our luxury specialists work to serve all kinds of upscale requirements and privileges helping you identify your rare passions and are available 365/24/7 to fulfil your demands. This ultimately gives you access to the world of supreme luxury whilst saving you valuable time in the process.”

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