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Planning Luxury Travels for Clients in Kuwait and Beyond!

At The Luxury Key Club, our dream is to make your dream a reality. We are a worldwide leader in high-end, luxury travels.  We have connections around the world at all of the finest hotels, resorts, tour companies, and every other facet that comes together to make a luxury trip special and memorable.

To all luxury travelers from Kuwait, we want you to know: our personal knowledge of the world is second to none. We’ve been to the hotels you want to stay at, we’ve done the activities you want to do, we’ve flown the airlines that take you there. When it comes to recommendations, ours are based on direct experience; we search only for the best so that you receive nothing less.

Our main office may located in Kuwait, and the Internet has rendered physical proximity a thing of the past. We are proud to have clients from all over the world, and we make every effort to work on your preferred timeline, whether you’re at home in Kuwait or working abroad. Our clients trust us not because we are the closest choice to them, but because we are their best choice; something that makes us proud of what we do, every day.

When you book one of our Partner Hotels (you see we work with all the luxury hotels and resorts from Aman to Waldorf Astoria) with us, you pay the same rate (or even lower!) as you would when booking the hotel online; on top of that, you receive all kinds of benefits, such as room upgrades, free breakfast, hotel credits, and more. Best of all, we do not charge for simple hotel bookings – so you get your favorite hotel, at an equal or better price than the competitors, plus free amenities and benefits; and VIP status! There’s no reason to book any other way!

Of course, the real strength of The Luxury Key Club is in our trip planning. We specialize in customized itineraries, building your holiday from the ground up, just the way you want it. From first-class flights and five-star hotels to glacier picnics and VIP fashion show tickets, we arrange anything and everything. Think of us as a tailor for your luxury travel life; you wouldn’t wear somebody else’s shirt, so why should you go on somebody else’s trip? We’re not interested in standard packages – our goal is to design a unique journey that suits you, and no one else.

For your next trip from Kuwait, to Bali, the Maldives or wherever it may be, trust The Luxury Key Club with your travel plans. We’ll get you far more for your money than anyone else, and transform your journey from satisfactory to sublime!  Whether your trip is just a weekend away or a multi-week or multi-month journey around the world, we are here to help with your luxury travels.  No trip is too big or too small.

“Our goal is to make every trip perfect in every way.”

When you book with The Luxury Key Club, we will ensure you are well taken care of from beginning to end.
For more information or to start planning your next trip, send us a text or WhatsApp us at +965-60305815, or e-mail at and one of our experienced and knowledgeable travel experts will be happy to guide you to the luxury trip you have always wanted.